Teacher's Gift

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So here we are at the end of the schoolyear. While we're moving to San Francisco I was looking to do something for the 2 amazing teachers in order to remember Tommy....
And actually my son gave me this idea. "Why don't we put all the things I like together?".
Well, not EVERYTHING but I thought to cook and bake some of his favorite food and to decorate that with some cute printables I made.
If you ask him what's your favorite food, he will with no doubts answer you: spaghetti with tomato sauce, prosciutto di Parma,  Grana (one speciale kind of Parmesan) and chocolate.
So I bought some spaghetti and I labeled them with the printable "Tommaso's favorite food", then I cooked some super tomato sauce with basil, I baked a bread with prosciutto and parmesan in the inside and added some hershey mini chocolates with my wrappers.
They really loved that!

I made some of these for the other teachers and for all the special people at school! It's a bag with some mini chocolates inside and a cute label with our names.

and HERE you can download for free the card!

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